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22-Nov-06 : I've got a new Camera!

Its been six months since my old camera died, and after getting close to buying one, I''ve finnally bought a new one....

Hopefully it'll be as good as the previous one, it's also got a funky Video mode, so be expecting more video's, of course I have to be bothered to edit them and put them on the site :o)


14-Oct-06 : Simons birthday and Scotts engagment party

What happens when you start drinking at 3pm and don't eat any lunch or dinner, that's right, you get very drunk, oops! Anyway, so I started out at simons house for some old skool party action, pass the parcel, vodka jelly, party food etc. Dolby was the PTP winner, have a look at the photos here to see what he won!



08-June-06 : Isle of Wight music festival

Nikki, Simon and I return to the Island Of Love and early mornings, after months of faffing round, Thomas, Kevin and Dolringo also came with us, I think they liked it. Photo's can be found here



13-May-06 : Death of a Camera

Well, the reason for the Lack of updates is due to a slight problem, my digital camera packed up whilst watching the FA Cup final in RSVP. Yep, after almost 4 years and over 4000 pictures my Sony DCS-U30 finally gave up, the lens wouldn't pick up anything, every photo was just black, not even hitting it on a table worked. Never mind, it was a fantasic camera thats gone to the growing Snoy graveyard in the sky!

11-Mar-06 : A trip to Envy!

Well, its been a while, but about 2 weeks back Simon suggested that we should take a trip to Envy, so a plan was hatched! We started by going to the Goose for a a drink and something to eat, I had a very tasty chicken, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce baguette, £3.50 as well, which I thought was a steal! Anyway, we then treked to Neil and Kate's house for a few games of Buzz, where Hayley got a right shafting and Tom thrashed neils high score. RSVP was the next port of call, and then onto Envy. I totally remembered why my wallet isn't the greatest fan of this place, £12 for two drinks (RBV + and beer), so that Redbull and Vodka you see me drinking was a extravagant purchase. Thomas and I also looked like a pair of fairies by mincing around whilst drinking wine!! Thomas and Dolby also got stitched into paying for a taxi home by a couple of lesbians, your never going to get in their knickers so there is bugger all need to be polite, I'd have told them to piss off, still they probably put the £10 saved towards a strap on.



25-Feb-06 : Toms and Sewells Birthday

Well, it was tom's 25th and Sewells 26th birthdays last week, so Tom had part of the Rose reserved for our drunken antics. Simon did a special shout out to thomas on the microphone and got the whole pub singing happy birthday to him, good stuff eh! Nikki and I also made 2 cakes for tom, which went down surprisingly well!! Anyway, after the pub, we ended up back at Sewells house. Click here for the pics!


18-Feb-06 : Rose and Thistle is fined for watering down drinks!!

Blimey, so I was waiting to be picked up for our usual Friday night trip to the pub, when I picked up the local paper (the Star dated 16-Feb-06) and what was the main headline on page 2....

Little did I know, our very own local had been done by trading standards for watering down the booze! If you pay anything from £2.00 - £3.70 for a beverage, the last thing you expect is for it to be watered down, but that's exactly what someone did to the JD. Click here for the full story.

04-Feb-06 : Maccas Birthday

Well, sort of a double update, as I have photos from both Friday night in Guildford for Maccas birthday and then also from Saturdays at Nikkis. Whilst in Weatherspoons in Fleet, we had the hardest ever question on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire', click here to see if you can do it! Anyway, the pics are here.


26-Jan-06 : Dolby's Bros birthday and Quiz scores!

Ok, this is a kind of double update. Lets start with the Quiz on Friday (20-Jan-06). I'd written a quiz for the previous week, however in my rush to leave work, I left it there! Anyway, a week later, I remembered to bring it along. As usual, it was held at Toms, and we were gifted with the precence of a special guest, Toms Dad, Tony! So, the scores were....


Name Score (out of 25)
Tony 17
Thomas 17
Dolby 16.5
Macca 13
Kevin 10.5


So, the Painters do a one-two! Now, those who know him, will find Kevins score surprising, he said they were silly questions :o( Anyway, if your up for taking it, click here

So, onto the next news! Photos from Marks (Dolbys little brother) birthday are also up. We went to Jounglars again, it looks like in 2004 we went to Guildford lots, last year was Jongleurs, whats our choice destination going to be this year? Anyway, the photos can be found here


02-Jan-06 : New Years Eve!!

Happy new year everybody! We got some good photos this year, click here to view them!




24-Dec-05 : Christmas Eve at the RAT

I've updated the site with the photo's from xmas eve, a good night was had by all. Five of us dressed up in Santa suits, there are a few examples below, but click here to see all the photos.



10-Dec-05 : Photos added!!

Wow, so I've added two sets of photos from this weekend. In Friday night went out in Reading with MCI (click here for pics) and then on Saturday, I went into London for Julias birthday (click here for pics). I've also for a funky little flash thingy, clicky!


18-Nov-05 - A night quiz night at Tom's and then to the RAT

Another night at Toms and the Rose. I think I drank a little too much Vodka and ended up getting pissed as a fart, as did everyone actually. It's fairly unusual that we're all trashed. I think it was a good night, ye'olde tom wasn't a happy chap with me, after frying marshmallows in his microwave and scratching his floor :/ Anyway, we also had a quiz, which I wrote and presented. Below are the results


Name Score (out of 25)
Dolby 17
Thomas 16
Maccas 15
Kevin 11.5
Hayley 11


If you want to try the Quiz, you can download it here


26-Oct-05 : Big Update

So, another couple of months pass and then all of a sudden, a nice big update! I've added various pictures, including London pictures and ones from the Isle of Wight. I've also included a couple of addictive games in Wow. Enjoy


08-Aug-05 : Fag Challenge II is here!

Well, its taken a while but I've finally uploaded the review. Click here to read the Fag Challenge II, and also Click here to see the rest of the pictures from that eventful night.


30-Jul-05 : Updated

Yes its true, I've finally updated the site with a few pictures from Dolbys birthday back in May, anyway, enjoy them.

26-Feb-05 : Tom's Birthday!

It's Thomas's 24th birthday, and how better to celebrate it than to have a DIY pub quiz, hosted by the one and only MC Tone (aka his dad!). Rock hard questions were accompanied by a tasty Domino's Pizza and Stella, the scores are as follows:

Team Score
Thomas + Macca's 18.5
Mork + Hayley 12.5
Scott + Nikki 10.5
Dolby + Kevin 10.5


Another win for Thomas! Anyways after this we headed off to Camberley and went to Thomas's current favorite pub, the Carps. After kicking out time, we headed to Yates to enjoy the extortionate prices and to mix with the finest people Camberley has to offer. After one of the bouncers comically exposed some girls tits by holding her upside down (they kinda just fell out her top!!), we headed to Camberley's finest Rock Venue, the Agincourt. The usual antics were to be had, and we even saw a barmaid from the Rose there, who appeared to be off her face. Being the Gentleman that they are, Thomas, Dolby and Kev walked her home, I hope they got a taxi from there as it was a bit nippy, well snowing!! Pics can be found here


18-Feb-05 : Sewells Birthday and other drinking

Wow, 2 BBQ Pits, lots of drink, people puking and a big turd stuck in my toilets u-bend, whats better? Well, we also won another pub quiz, Pucka!! Pics of the weekends activities can be found here


05-Feb-05 : Double update shocker!

Its true, 2 more set of photos are up! All from this weekend, Friday night at Thomas's house and then Saturday night in Guildford to Celebrate Macca's birthday. Also got exclusive pictures of Britney Spears naked, Kevin likes them ;o)


08-Jan-05 : A trip to Guildford

Wow, somewhere other than the RAT!! Macca's organised a trip to Guildford instead, thx to the bigman :o) Anyway, we still ended up at the usual places, Lloyds No1, some dirty rock pub (the 3 tuns?), the 3 pigeons and then Bar Med, all very good! We even had the bonus of Kevin not pucking in the taxi, good lad!! Anyways, the pictures can be found in the usual place, or by clicking here!!


31-Dec-04 : NYE eve @ The RAT (Again!!)

Well, another night down the Rose!! Gave Maccas the camera as Nikki and I felt shit so sat down for a while, I then made myself sick so I could at least attempt to enjoy NYE! Over the course of the night, over 200 pictures were taken on my camera, and with Dolby getting keen on his camera, there was an added strobe effect to the night! Anyway, the photo's are below (I limited it to 40 pics this time), more are on Dolby's site. Anyways, the photos can be found here, which also has links for a number of short films taken round Shauns house.

I've also created a quick game in tribute to a certain someone whipping his balls out a number of times! Spot the ball can be found here!


24-Dec-04 : Christmas Eve

Its the festive time of year again, and we did our customary xmas eve piss up down the pub. Neil, Simon Thomas and I all dressed up in £4 Santa suits, top quality gear, if you look close enough, you can see the staples and paper clips holding the belts together :o) A very fun and drunken night, pictures can be found here, but here's a taster!


Nov-04 : General Update

Well, its been a while, but I've updated my site. The pictures have all been sorted out and it generally works a little better! Dolby's also been a clever little bunny and setup some forums! Be sure to visit and hurl some abuse in his direction :o)

Our hero!!

Site Updated!!

Wow, I've done an update, still leaving the stuff below as i can't be arsed to change it!

Anyway, I've added a few pics from Amy's birthday in Guildford. Quick quesion, anyone know who took a photo of their cockwith my camera, highly unpleasent!


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