Frimley Green All Stars....

Wow, with us winning 3 out of the last 4 pub quizzes, I thought I'd dedicate a small section of my site as a tribute to our success. In the last 2 weeks, we've managed to win almost £60, which is alot better than any ITBox. The max per team is 4, so bearing this in mind, the usual team consists of Thomas, Mork, Peddie, Maccas and Kevin. Unfortunately, like the lottery, the Quiz jackpot has decreased recently. When we first won we got £25, however it's usually between £15-20 now, but £5 is now also given to the team with the best team name, which we usually win if we don't win the quiz! So, why Frimley Green All stars? Well its just one name we put down when we desperately lacked one, guess it's alright in a shit sort of a way! Anyway, maybe I'll add to this in the future, maybe I won't, watch this space!

25-Feb : Wellz, Just thought I'd update you all on the latest result! Missing our star striker (THP), we (Peddie, Kev and Mork) struggled with the stupid questions designed for people aged 30+. The usual array of 'what year is this song' for a Rod Stewart song and a 'Name this band' question for some utter shit song! Disappointment then turned to anger when a table of girls won the bingo and did the usual girly screams (I can tell what they're gonna be doing every night when aged 50, better buy shares in Mecca binga!!), just like I'd predicted, I hope they get pregnant... Grr!!!

2-Mar : Another night at the carps, but a date that marked the return of Thomas (Kev + Mork were also present). MA classed this quiz as really really easy, but with questions like 'How many New Pence was a 6 Pence worth' (2.5p btw!), it wasn't exactly easy. Still, we came out on top, coming joint first with 16/20. We won the music intro quiz with the help of the Scottish lady who's team we beat 2 weeks previous on a tie break. Kevin also almost won the Bingo, 1 number away from £60 when the usual screaming girl won it.


Date Venue Team Name Place Winnings Other
20-Mar Wheaty ? 2nd with 16/20 - Best teamname, which was 4 bottles of beer and I also won a teddy bear!!
16-Mar Carps ? 3rd with 14/20 -
9-Mar Carps I bought my wife some flowers for valentines day, she said "I suppose you want me to open my legs for you now" and I said "why's that, haven't you got a vase?" 2nd with 15/20 -  
6-Mar Wheaty

A women with no legs or arms won the world fruit picking championships....
Now that's what I call a jammy cunt!

Last 12/20
3-Mar Carps How can you tell if an Essex girl is aroused? - She displays signs of arousal, such as enlargement of the clitoris and swelling of the labia. 1st with 16/20 £23
23-Feb Carps What do you call a man a spade in his head? - An Ambulance 2nd... Last!! 9/20 - Thomas was missing, we felt the loss!
20-Feb Wheaty Why does an elephant have 4 feet?
Because 6 inches isnt enough.
1st with 18/20 £18
16-Feb Carps ?? 1st with 19/20 £17
9-Feb Carps ?? ?? ?? I was ill
6-Feb Wheaty ?? 1st with 18/20 £15

A picture of one of our first victories at the Wheatsheaf


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