14-Oct-06 : Simons birthday and Scotts engagement party

What happens when you start drinking at 3pm and don't eat any lunch or dinner, that's right, you get very drunk, oops! Anyway, so I started out at simons house for some old skool party action, pass the parcel, vodka jelly, party food etc. Dolby was the PTP winner, winning a 3 pack of 'small pecker condoms', he was so delighted that he finally found ones that fit :o) I found a candy neckless, which i then wore all night long, complete with a batman mask!
At about 7.30, we went to Chobham to visit Scotts engagement party, coming equipped with the 'small pecker condoms' wrapped up again, this time in foil and my last to cans of Redbull. Kates reaction when she opened the jonnies was priceless, I have video of it but I'll have to see if I can be bothered to add it! After realising that there was no vodka in the house, I had a smirnoff ice (I felt 16 again!!) and then went to the local garage to buy a bottle of vodka, coincidentally, that's pretty much where my memory of the night ends.

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