Random things.....


Painters in Quiz...

Well, on the 18-Nov I wrote a quiz for a night at Toms, here is it for the public. For pictures and our scores from the quiz, please click here. Click on the right, on the 'questions' and 'answers'.

Painters in Quiz...

Cor blimey, well I did another quiz for 20-Jan-06, the scores are on the main page!

The Fag Challenge II - The Cigars Revenge
This time its Cigars that need smoking!

The Fag challenge!
We take 6 of Greece's finist tobacco and put it to the test!
The results may surprise you.
Play spot the ball, with a twist!
Britney Nude shocker...

Frimley green all stars


Flash things...

Below is a collection of flash movies, hopefully they should provide entertainment!

This is an odd little on, its just the same 10 second flash repeated over, its strangely hypnotic though!

Probably the best Strongbad e-mail, have a look and be amused. Remember to check out the rest of the site.

This has to be one of the most popular animation's on the net, old but good!



Below is a collection of games that I would recommend playing at work, to keep you sain! Anyway, enjoy...

Game of the Week!


It took me a couple of minutes to work it out, but once you get going, its great, this is what Kevin has to say about it...

"Man that game is awesome, I haven't seen anything like that before and I still haven't done it yet."

Old games....  
A totally addictive game, throw like coloured blocks together, Tetris like fun!
Test those hungover reactions with this quick little game, would me more satisfying if the sheep were to blow-up, but then again, this is from the BBC website!
Ever felt let down by the IT-Boxes, how you never feel rewarded (unless you've won a tenner!). Well now you can play a proper quiz game that rewards you every step of the way. To try it, click on the picture on the right!!
Roberto Baggio, remember him? Well he used to be a pretty good striker for Italy, not a patch on Paul Kitson though! Anyway, he has a football game on his site, enjoy!
This game is strangely addictive, Longest I've seen is 589.9!


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