04-Feb-06 : Maccas Birthday

Friday Night

Its true, Maccas has finally notched up his 25th birthday. To Celebrate, where better than Guildford. Anyway, we started off with a spot of pool, with only Maccas beating me once and then we kind of split up. Dolby had some sort of almost sexual urge to goto Nandos, it was my first time so I didn't mind. I wasn't overly impressed to be honest, you have to goto the bar to order food and our wine and water was warm. Anyway, we all had our chickin things, we all had medium, apart from Thomas who opted for 'hot' chicken. He then regreted this after his mouth caught fire. The rest of us thought the mediem one was a bit hot, but being me, I decieded to order a 'very hot' kids burger. Now, unless your nuts, I really wouldn't recomend this. After a few chews, my mouth exploded into burning pain, ketchup, chips, wine, water, nothing quenched the pain. Anyway, Thomas tried a bit, stating 'thats pretty bad', mind you, after his previous one, i suspect there wasn't much life left in his mouth. Dolby and Maccas both wimped out, fannies! After this, we went to Spoons, only to find out the others had moved onto Yates. They then moved to Edwards and Time, I think, it was all a bit of a blur from then on! Anyway, a few photo's are below.





Saturday Night

Well, as Nikkis parents were away, we popped to Fleet for the night. Around Nikkis for some drinks and then onto Fleet and.... Weatherspoons, original eh! Anyway, whilst here, we had the hardest ever question on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire', click here to see if you can do it! Anyway, the pics are below




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