10-Dec-05 : Julia's birthday

Another trip to London, this time for a meal to celebrate Julias birthday. The day started with a drive to Julias flat, on which Simon was insanely happy, he started early and was drinking cheap lager on the drive up, whilst singing along with Savage Garden! Click here for a video of simon (it plays on quicktime). Once at Julias, we went out for a meal at 'Tiger Tiger' near Piccadilly Circus, I was disappointed to be honest. Poor service, poor quality steak and no vinegar for my chip!! Worst of all, they screwed up julias booking, which she made last week, so we had to wait outside whilst the numpty of a manger faffed around. Anyway, after this we went to Soho and had a few drinks before trying to find another pub in Covent Garden, only to find that they were all closing, 24hr drinking my arse! Due to this reason, and the fact that I felt ill, there aren't to many photos, I'll see if julia wants her's added :o)





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